Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Spring Writing Bootcamp Check-In #6

Word Count Update
It's slowly coming along! I've fixed the timeline issue to get things back on track! I have the book split up into the different months of the schoolyear and broken up into scenes instead of chapters for the time being. That was really helpful when I was writing about that snowstorm too early.

Last week, I put together the synopses of the three projects I've written and need revision. I added a short writing sample and sent it off to my critique partners to get their opinions. It was pretty apparent to all of us, after looking at everything, what I will work on next. It's also the reason why I've decided with no uncertainty that first person isn't the right voice for me. How do I know this? One of those novels is written in first person. Like one of my partners pointed out, everything is there. It just doesn't seem to move. It's disappointing, since I've actually worked on that most recently, but sometimes you have to let things go for a while. (Not sure why I learned that lesson the hard way. This isn't the first book I've written in first person and decided that's the problem.)

Other Things
This week I've come to the conclusion that my favorite writing resource at the moment is Chuck Wendig's blog. Whenever I have an issue or need a break from something bothering me, I go over to this blog and I find something that boosts my confidence faster than a shot of espresso. I have promised myself  at the end of this novel, I'm going to reward myself with a few of his books. I just need to decide which ones! For now, I have the blog to taunt me. Go read it too!



  1. POV is so hard sometimes! I kept trying to write my newest WIP in third person because it's dual POV...but it just wasn't working until I switched to first person. THEN I tried to do past tense, and it wouldn't work that way, either. SIGH.

    Good luck with the writing this week!

    1. Third person somehow brings out the best in my writing and I keep trying to do something different. You never know until you try! Good luck with your WIP!


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