Thursday, May 21, 2015

Spring Writing Bootcamp Check-In #7 (and Faith)

Word Count Update
I've been working on A Secret Project for the past two weeks. I sent off the first draft of it today and hope to have the final version completed by the end of the month. I can't say much else, but I'm counting this! It's one of the hardest things I've ever written. 

In regards to the WIP, I was distracted again. This seems to be a pattern. I did manage to get several scenes together and have a better idea of where the story is taking me. I think I'm going to restate that a new goal of reaching 20,000 words by the end of the Bootcamp and actually is more realistic from past experience. (What was I thinking?) However, this genre is completely new to me and it's proving to be a bigger challenge than I first imagined. (When is writing ever simple?)

Other things
I decided to unplug more from the internet this. I've realized that I've been busier than I'm used to and I needed time to recharge my inner introvert. I think it's so important to listen to yourself about what you need because no one else will do it for you! For the last year, I struggled with some health issues and I'm finally feeling like I'm able to reclaim my life back a little by little. In that time, I collected bad habits that I'm doing my best to break. I'm determined more than ever to work on my writing, and as you can see, I'm still struggling. However, I keep telling myself that I'm writing again and that my voice matters.

A friend and I were talking about querying and writing the other day. She brought up the difference of hope and faith for writers. Hope is wanting something to happen, but faith is confidence that it will happen. In the past year, I've hoped for something happen. It's time for some faith. 

Two more updates left, including the final reflection post. May isn't over yet so let's get to work!


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