Friday, May 1, 2015

Spring Writing Bootcamp Check-In #4

This week wasn't like the past three weeks. It was nice taking in the quiet of work days. My favorites are always hanging out at my local Barnes and Noble cafe (the benches are great for my back) or at a local library. The thoughts of what needs to be clean or figuring out how to work with a cat in my arms keep me distracted from my tasks. I've always been like that since college. I loved hanging out at the library with the large windows, the warm corners of the student union, or the local bookstore where I could browse books during breaks. 

Sometimes, you can't ignore what works and makes you happy.

Word Count Update
I've reached 10,000 words and I have been working out some of the kinks while they come along. For example, I went to my old high school's website where I found the classes and requirements. They haven't changed much, but my main characters would take classes I didn't have any interest in doing or didn't have time. It was fun to figure out how it might work into the plot and give me a better understanding of who they are. Since I usually write fantasy, I've never had to think about things like that before. It's funny how flashes of memories come to me about my own high school experiences during the research. 

I've also been using the program Write or Die to help block out everything during my writing time.  It takes up the entire screen and it keeps me on task. It's a great way to get into the zone and stay there for a certain amount of time. I work best with spurts of writing. I also use Strict Workflow in Chrome to time manage. It's crazy how much trial and error I've had to go through to decide on what works. Taking the time to listen to what I need has been a huge help to my process.

Here's to more words or whatever your goals may be in the next week!


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