Thursday, April 23, 2015

Spring Writing Bootcamp Check In #3 (and Star Wars Celebration)

Word Count Update
This was our third week of All The Things! However, I did manage to get a good start to my word count. I drafted three different scenes, and am working on another right now. When I said last week about needing a fixed point in time for my novel, this little revelation helped move things along. My newest challenge? I keep flipping between first and third person narrative. I haven't decided on which one works best and I've decided to wait until this weekend to sit down with my words to get a feel on how to move forward. I can fix those other pages later and I don't want to interrupt where I'm going so far.

YA Buccaneers challenge this week
Our goal is to write at least 100 words a day. I did skip Monday since I needed a "day off" after our long weekend. I have managed to squeeze in about 1500 words this week, so not too bad so far!

Star Wars Celebration
Eight years ago was the last time that I attended Star Wars Celebration. Since the announcement of the new movies, and that the books I grew up reading were non-canon, my mood about Star Wars took a turn. I didn't know what to expect. 

Some of you might not know, but Star Wars changed my life. It's how I connected with my mentor and my husband. The second Star Wars Celebration was the first time that I flew-- by myself-- to hang out with 20,000 strangers. However, what I found were people with the same common connection. I've bonded with many wonderful people and it's one of the reasons why I'm sitting here right now. When Celebration was announced for Anaheim, I bought my tickets instantly. That was over a year in advance. 


It wasn't until I was sitting in front of my computer Thursday to watch The Force Awakens panel (we were leaving the next morning for Celebration) that I realized how much it meant to me. My husband and I were chatting back and forth about our reactions. With each one, I was growing excited with each revelation, and then there was a trailer. This was the trailer that I was waiting for! My heart soared, and I was so happy we had our tickets. I couldn't wait to see familiar faces, and meet new ones. 

And that's exactly what happened. When standing in line with Star Wars fans, you always have something to talk about. While waiting to see Mark Hamill, we were in line for four hours. With a scan of the people,  we decided to sit next to a mother and son who we even sat with during the panel. And we got to see Mark Hamill, who was the only of the main cast (and George Lucas) we hadn't seen before. We watched the trailer they made for Rogue One three times and cheered with everyone each time The Force Awakens trailer was shown. I bought a shirt with glowing lightsabers spelling out STAR WARS and lightsaber earrings. I wore my Corellian costume (my Jedi costume is now too big due to weight loss). It was like coming home again.

When I sat down Tuesday in the cafe, there was a new confidence growing inside of me. I wrote my words in two sessions with Write or Die and I was ready to jump back in. In a way, Star Wars saved me once again.



  1. Loooooveee! There's so much magic in fandom. Hope to see you in July! (Also, high five on the wordage and I totally want your shirt!)

  2. Yes! I hope we can finally meet up! The shirt is over at HerUniverse, I believe. I LOVE IT.


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