Thursday, April 16, 2015

Spring Writing Bootcamp Check In #2 (and YALLWEST)

Word Count Update
Over the past week, I have gotten a small start to my word count (about 1500 words). This is my first experience writing a contemporary. I'm coming to realize it will come with its own bit of challenges that I haven't anticipated while writing genre fiction. It wasn't until I was writing to a friend that I knew I needed to focus on a specific time period. Geek culture is a major part of the plot so I need a fixed point in time to move that plot along. 

Now that I have this figured out, let's see how this word count will progress. 

YA Buccaneers challenge this week
Share random facts about your main character (MC). 

1) Her favorite part of her retail job is taping up packages of socks so she can avoid customers. She doesn't question why people tear open packages to look at them (all the time). 
2) She draws fan art and it too afraid to post it online.
3) People never suspect her of anything. 

My husband Joey and I drove up to Santa Monica on Saturday to kick-off the event. One of the best parts of these events isn't just the panels and authors, but the people. I met up with my Pitch Wars team at the Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra panel with the two co-creators, Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko, and comic artist, Gene Luen Yang. Afterwards, we went to their signing. 

A few hours later, Joey went to grab lunch for us at a local vegan place within walking distance of the high school. While he was there, Bryan Konietzko recognized Joey and they had lunch together. When Joey told me, I was so excited since their show was such a huge influence for my Pitch Wars book.

I really did enjoy the panels since there was a lot of variety of topics. At cons, they usually focus on YA/MG with general topics like "What is YA?". It was awesome seeing actual discussions about female characters, author struggles like depression in real life or in books, and cosplay. My favorite part of the Smackdown event later on was the author's reading their works when they were teenagers.

I walked away from this week with a lot to figure out in my mind, but mostly in a good way. I have another busy weekend ahead and looking forward to putting more energy into my work. Let's do this! 


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