Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Spring Writing Bootcamp 2015: The Goals

I had a great time earlier this year doing the Writer Recharge. April has many fun things ahead, but I didn't want to get too distracted from my writing tasks. This year, I'm writing three month goals and after going through my January through March goals, I wondered how can I jumpstart my writing?

First, better daily habits.
Second, doing another fun challenge.

This morning, on Twitter, I saw tweets on the YA Buccaneers 2015 Spring Writing Boot Camp that will run from April 1st to May 31st. I set my goals and join in the fun with the others who signed up. And the best part? There will be a schedule of writing sprints, weekly challenges, and hanging out with other cool writers. 

I'm doing my best to not use social media as much over the next month so that's the hardest part for me. Except, it's a good test in using Twitter in ways that's helpful for my writing. 

I'm a little nervous about writing my goals since I tend to give myself more than I expect. If I want to create better habits and see this as a challenge, the goals can't be too easy! 

1) Write 50,000 words in my current WIP, Prairie Dust.
2) Write synopsis for my three completed manuscripts. Decide on next the next big revision project.
3) Rework the revision project outline. 

Here's to kicking butt in the next two months! I will do updates every Wednesday to keep myself accountable and include other fun things from the week (like WonderCon or pictures from my weekly hike). 

Good luck to all the fellow Bootcampers, NaNo Campers, and all the other writers getting by!


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