Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Happy Gwensday: Second Update on Spider-Gwen costume

We've completed the second week of work on the Spider-Gwen costume. Things are really coming together and it's hard to contain the excitement when we complete each step. And if you have already, be sure to check out the first post.

The biggest accomplishment was completing the black parts on the costume. The front is pretty straight forward so lining it up with fabric tape and pins before sewing. The back, on the other hand, was trying to figure out what type of design we want. Sadly, the comic artists aren't always consistent, which is expected.

The biggest thing when sewing is making sure you use the right kind of fabric tape. We picked up some at Walgreen's and it turned out it actually supposed to be used instead of sewing. It might be expensive, but good sewing tape is worth it! We found it at our local sewing store, but most sewing places should have it one hand.

I forgot about two things in my last post, which are my gloves and wig. My mother is known to collect a lot of things and I remember playing with gloves as a kid. She also gave me a pair of grandmother's, but they weren't white. I called her up, and my hunch was right that she had a box of gloves. She mailed me two white pairs from North Dakota. With white, it's always good to have a back-up if you can.

The wig is something I will touch on next week. I'm waiting for it to arrive today. I was surprised it was easier to find one for my Mary Jane costume for last Comic-Con than this one. Crossing my fingers that this one works since there were no reviews and only one picture that hopefully did it justice.

Next week expect an update on the colored sections of the costume and the wig. I will be doing the mask, but that will be an extra bonus post later on. If we're lucky, maybe we can unveil the finished suit!


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