Monday, February 16, 2015

Writer Recharge 2015: Update #2

Over halfway through February already! That means my birthday has passed and I'm starting fresh, in some ways. The day after my birthday is always the weirdest day of the year for me. It's like my whole body and mind crashes with the question "Where do I go from here?"and my stomach responds with going into knots. Then, I take a deep breath, and jump back into the world with more determination than before.Today is that day. First, let's look at last week. 

My #WriterRecharge Goals

    • Still working on my revision for Follow the Moon. I'm pretty happy with how it's turning out since I'm touching a chapter that I haven't in a while. Maybe that's saying something?
    • I didn't get to work on anything else! I have to change that this week. 
    • I'm a little behind on The Artist's Way, but going to catch up over the past few days. I really like doing my morning pages, but the busy weekend got in the way.
    • I read Sisters by Raina Telgemeier and and issue of manga Spider-Man that my husband suggested. My Nook was dead when I went to read this weekend, but I want to start Black Widow's latest series. 
    • I have two weeks to get through five books. I can totally do this, right?
    • My husband had Friday off so he went hiking with me in the canyon preserve by our house. It was hot that day so we went early in the morning, but we got three miles in! 
  • SELF 
    • I'm up to 45 standing push-ups. I want to feel a bit more burn before I head to the next step.
    • I haven't come up with a walking challenge quite yet. I'm mostly utilizing technology to help motivate me. So far, I use my Android watch in various ways like setting a timer for writing, and then I have to go walk. I also use the timer to buzz at me after a half hour or how long I want to walk so I'm not looking at my phone all the time. My watch keeps track of my steps, and I'm improving, so that seems to be working. I'm also using MyTracks to keep track of my paths, distance, and progress.  It sounds complicated, but really, it's working!
    • I achieved this goal! This three day weekend was the best since on the 13th I celebrated my gal pals, on the 14th I spoiled my husband, and the 15th was my birthday.

      I sent out Galentine's to my friends all over the place. It's fun posting on people's walls, but I sent out actual Galentine's and stickers. My friends were so appreciative when they received them!

      I also planned Valentine's Day this year for my husband. I don't play video games as much anymore so we did that, bought a ton of his favorite comics, and ate Cali burritos at our favorite vegan place. He has done so much for me lately that I think he deserved it. He told me that the best part was that I like doing those things with him--- and that's totally true! 

  • FUN
    • I have my shoes for my Spider-Gwen costume! Joey and I went all over trying to find items for both of our costumes (he wants to do a Miles Spider-Man next). I'm still trying to figure out exactly on how to construct it so I'll have to do more research on that this week. 

Overall, this has been a great week! We also went to the Marvel Experience with friends earlier in the week for my birthday. You train to become a SHIELD agent by smashing things like the Hulk, climbing like Spider-Man, and going through a small laser maze like Black Widow. I was pretty impressed by the special effects and would love for them to put something like this in Disney. They also didn't use the movie versions of the characters so they incorporated She-Hulk, The Vision, and Iron Fist. That was pretty cool! 

This week will be busy, as well, but I'm determined to get a lot done. The big two things I want to square away is the revisions on Follow the Moon and my short story. I don't think that will be a problem since I have my critique group meeting this week and they will demand the second half of the short story. 

Good luck to you fellow Rechargers! 



  1. Revisions are rough, so it's awesome when you're happy with the outcome. :-) Hope it continues to make you happy. I'm super envious about the Marvel Experience. Someone else was mentioning it this weekend and it sounds great. Hope you have a great and super productive week!

    1. Indeed, they are. This is like the millionth one I've done so it's a long, long, long process for this book. I really hope I'm happy with it, too. You never know, the Marvel Experience might come near you! We were pretty lucky. Here's to an awesome week!


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