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Pitch Wars Blog Hop: Why I Wrote My Book

This post is part of the Pitch Wars blog hop for mentors and alternates to talk about why they wrote their book. This is mine. Thanks to my mentor, Elizabeth Briggs, for picking me as her new alternate. 

In my heart, there's always been a soft spot for fantasy stories. It was easy to sit down to devour them, or take the time to dedicate myself to larger texts. The stories that I wrote were inspired by these, and maybe copycats in some ways, but it was the love that drove me. There was magic. Lots and lots of magic in those words.
It wasn't until I read more than one fairy tale retelling of Cinderella that I knew that I wanted something different. There were plenty of tales to choose from, but for some reason, I wanted something new. I thought about the cultures that interested me. This was also the time that I was really starting to fall even deeper in love with the work of Hayao Miyazaki, a well-known artist, writer, and director of Studio Ghibli movies in Japan. I sat down o…