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Traveling through the Outlander's Stones at Comic-Con

I first discovered the Outlander series when I was fifteen years old. The Drums of Autumn paperback was in a Pamida ad in 1997, and even with the simple cover, I knew I needed to read this book. Little did I know, I bought the fourth book in the series. The closest bookstore that I had growing up was two hours away, so I went to the library to borrow the first three books. I've been hooked on it ever since. So, when I found out they were making a tv series, I was totally in. 

Fast forward to San Diego Comic-Con this past July with my husband Joey and best friend Sulu. There was a huge presence there for Outlander. The booth stood out in the middle of the exhibit floor with the castle and standing stones where the men and women were dressed in period clothing. They handed out goodies like shirts and tote bags.
Here's an idea of the outside of the Outlander booth. 
And we got to see Claire's Apothecary Cabinet inside of the "castle".
One of the other fun things th…

Searching for Quality: Week 2 of #FallWritingBootCamp

There were ups and down during the week, but I've accepted this. I can only put more effort in next week. I've already set up StayFocused again on my computer. I'm now limited more to certain websites (you know which ones) so I can still do research and so many minutes for the day. My mother also sent me a new back corset so I can sit at my desk (since I lost weight and my old one doesn't fit). It's all about the small things!

Outside of my writing, I'm helping out in products forums and looking more into computer programming. I've always enjoyed being on the computer and working with software. My husband is an app developer/programmer so I think it might be fun to help him sometimes when he needs it. We'll see what I can do, but it might be a good break from words (though, I'll be writing in different languages?).

Now, onto what words and I did this week:

What did you do last week to work towards your goals?
I started on PRAIRIE DUST's (my YA conte…

Moving Ahead with #FallWritingBootCamp

I haven't done a lot of updating on the blog since there is so much that has been going on since the last post (more about that soon). However, I finally see autumn and winter slowing things down a bit for me. I want to focus more on my writing goals so this is a wonderful thing. I joined the YA Buccaneers Fall Writing Boot Camp to help with keeping me on track. It runs from September through NaNoWriMo (November, in writer speak), which is perfect for my goals.

My September goals are simple:

To complete the rewrite of the first twenty chapters (half) of BRIGHT WORLD.To a draft of an outline for my NaNoWriMo YA contemporary project, PRAIRIE DUST.
Onto my weekly check-in!

What did you do last week to work towards your goals?
I decided to simplify things. Lately, I've been taking writing books and notebooks, along with my laptop, to cover my various projects. This Friday when I went to my local cafe, I packed up only my laptop and Nook (which I use as a reference). It was easier fo…