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Moving along in March

It was two years ago when we moved to San Diego with a sense of determination. My husband found a great programming job that was the same that he had in Fargo. I was fortunate enough to stay home and work on my dream of writing.

Two years later, a lot has happened. Joey has grown as a programmer and has his sights on developing his own Android applications. I've written three more books and have worked hard at revision. I've also grown in how I want to work on future projects.

This March, we moved into a bigger space where we originally wanted to live. One of the highlights of the place is more room-- including a patio to relax in the sunshine. There are some improvements to be made in this new place, however, this place feels more like ours. I was unpacking boxes to find things I almost forgot about like a tablecloth! We also have a ton of art that we didn't hang up, and now we have ample space. It's a different feeling, one that I missed.

Now that we're a bit mor…