Friday, April 11, 2014

Moving along in March

It was two years ago when we moved to San Diego with a sense of determination. My husband found a great programming job that was the same that he had in Fargo. I was fortunate enough to stay home and work on my dream of writing.

Two years later, a lot has happened. Joey has grown as a programmer and has his sights on developing his own Android applications. I've written three more books and have worked hard at revision. I've also grown in how I want to work on future projects.

This March, we moved into a bigger space where we originally wanted to live. One of the highlights of the place is more room-- including a patio to relax in the sunshine. There are some improvements to be made in this new place, however, this place feels more like ours. I was unpacking boxes to find things I almost forgot about like a tablecloth! We also have a ton of art that we didn't hang up, and now we have ample space. It's a different feeling, one that I missed.

Now that we're a bit more settled in, I can get back to placing stickers on my calendar. I didn't do such a bad job with a last minute move arriving out of nowhere. However, it's almost halfway through April and I need to pick up the pace!

Lately, I've been looking more at articles on productivity than actual writing. I've become more aware of the faults in my process over the past two years. I'm determined more than ever to remedy them. For example, I do need to take more time to structure my novel. I've found some great books as resources to help me sort through the ideas in my head-- and give me room to improve. It also means that I might not participate in NaNoWriMo like I have in the past. I sometimes don't give myself enough time beforehand, and then find my novel suffering. I have two of them ready for revision-- and I'm dreading it.

We'll see how it goes.

My April goal is to write the second part of a short story called The Rabbit Hole for my Stone Circle group, and to finish the revision outline for Bright World. I do see some afternoons at Barnes and Noble in my future to accomplish this. It's so easy to look at a box right now and think, "If I do this one..."


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