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Writing Challenges

I completed my 21 Day Writing Challenge and I'm happy to say I'm feeling so much more creative than I have in a long time. Combining the challenge and doing the sticker calendar method has me really confident about doing NaNoWriMo next month. Also, looking back on my work, It's so great to see how my writing has grown after years of hard (and fun!) work with critique partners and exploring outside a single project. 

So here are my September stats:

Wrote 7232 words over 14 days
Average 516/day
And my October stats:
Wrote 3201 words over 11 days Average 291/day
My average is lower for the second half, but there's a good reason. For the last three days of the challenge, I found an old notebook I used to write poetry in. For some reason, I never filled this one completely. I decided to change that and have written four poems so far. 
Here's one of the poems I wrote that came from a title I wrote a long time ago, but never the poem. This is what my mind came up with within minu…

September Stats and Such

August was a crazy time for my revision, re-vamping my query and synopsis, and helping with critique. I was finally relieved when September arrived since we had family visiting and then we were off to DisneyWorld for a week. We haven't visited DW since 2010 so we were looking forward to seeing the new Fantasyland.

We decided to stay at a resort and do the full DisneyWorld experience. I will admit, this was the simplest vacation I've ever had to plan. And somehow, I almost managed to leave behind the park tickets!

Here are a few of my favorite pictures from our trip
Since we've returned, I've felt quite refreshed. On the airplane, I wrote two pages of notes for stories floating around in my head. I started a short story to help get back into the writing grove and jumped into a 21 Day Writing Challenge. I'm two weeks into writing every day, and I love it. I'm mostly doing writing prompts so I'm creating new things every day.

I've been using a calendar and…