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The Heroine's Geeky Faves: Comic-Con 2013 Edition!

This year of San Diego Comic-Con was different from the other two times we've attended. We've been living in San Diego for over a year so we have established more friendships here. At the same time, we had some Fargo friends in town for the event. Our best buddy Sulu stayed with us and we're hoping she'll come stay with us again next year.

Unlike other conventions, SDCC always served more as a place for us to see and explore. It's still that way, but when you have other people at your side, it becomes more of a group activity where you elbow that person to say, "Did you SEE that?" It becomes a collaborative thing where you don't just have bragging rights, but your group does!

The first day of con for us is Preview Night on Wednesday. We helped our friend Sue Dawe set up her table in Artist's Alley. That's right! We were able to walk the Exhibit before it even opened. They were still building the Walking Dead exhibit and we found a huge Domo we…