Thursday, August 22, 2013

Creative Energy and Critique Partners

What ways help feed your creative energy?

Over the past months I've focused all my creative energy on revision. It have never focused on revision this much with one project. I'm a pantser writer so I don't know if it makes things harder for me or not. I'm nearing the part of revision where I do a *headdesk* at least once a day. However, I do end the day thinking, "I'm one step closer."

My goal is to query this year. The funny thing is, I thought I was closer to my goal before I sent it out to my critique partners. However, their honesty and awesomeness reminded me I need to take more time and not to rush.

What's so great about not-so-wonderful feedback?

1) You find little bad habits you didn't know about before. Take notes and use this to your advantage next time you write or revise. Work at getting rid of the bugs and the writing will come out shinier than before.

2) They point out the things you might be missing in the content of your writing. You will discover the strength and weakness in your story. It can be something that happens once, or throughout the manuscript. This is when I take notes about for future projects. I don't want to repeat my mistakes.

3) Confirming your fears and reaffirming your confidence. Did you notice I only *headdesk* once per day? I'm hoping cut down on that practice after all this revision and query letter writing. 

These are also the same reasons why critique partners and betas are so important to revision. They are your cheerleaders because they know you can conquer the demons. They help you recharge your creative energy when you least expect it.

I'm still struggling a bit with creative energy and confidence. In this last bit of revision, I can see how my writing has changed over the past four years. I had to learn how to blend my writing together. There is also a desire to try something new. I'm going to start making a creative list of things I want to do such as drawing or sewing. I don't want something to take away from writing, but help feed it. I also want to add some writing books to my list to help feed my process a bit. If I could have stayed in college, I probably would have remained there forever. 

Time to feed the Dragon. 


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