Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Heroine's Geeky Faves: Comic-Con 2013 Edition!

This year of San Diego Comic-Con was different from the other two times we've attended. We've been living in San Diego for over a year so we have established more friendships here. At the same time, we had some Fargo friends in town for the event. Our best buddy Sulu stayed with us and we're hoping she'll come stay with us again next year.

Unlike other conventions, SDCC always served more as a place for us to see and explore. It's still that way, but when you have other people at your side, it becomes more of a group activity where you elbow that person to say, "Did you SEE that?" It becomes a collaborative thing where you don't just have bragging rights, but your group does!

The first day of con for us is Preview Night on Wednesday. We helped our friend Sue Dawe set up her table in Artist's Alley. That's right! We were able to walk the Exhibit before it even opened. They were still building the Walking Dead exhibit and we found a huge Domo we had to stalk later on for a photo op for Sulu. It also gave a chance for Sulu to see the hall before it fills up wall to wall with people.

Thursday of con was my husband Joey's 29th birthday! I made him a Spider-Man robot pin for him to wear throughout the day so he could get his way. It worked since someone exchanged his Arrow bag for the Batman one (they came with CAPES! this year).  He wasn't there when we set up Sue's table so I was able to hide Spider-Man blue and red cupcakes under her table. I added some robot stickers on toothpicks as little flags.
Joey with his birthday pin and cupcake at Sue's table.
That day we explored the Exhibit floor where I ran into Peggy Eddleman signing her book Sky Jumpers! We're part of an author's group and she didn't know what time she was signing at the Random House booth. Somehow, I was there three minutes after she started! Great timing! Can't wait to read her debut!

With Peggy Eddleman (forgot I was wearing my Hello Kitty ears)
Another highlight of the day was Joey wanted to hold the first issue featuring Spider-Man. Joey told the guy at the booth he can try on his Google Glass if he could hold it. Later that day, while we were at the Nintendo Windwaker exhibit, we spotted Stan Lee walking through the Marriott. Crazy day!
Amazing Fantasy--- first appearance of Spider-Man!
They are going to have KITTIES in the next Mario! We played the demo. 
Friday was a panel day. We were able to get into Hall H for the day with Fargo friends. We sat in the sixth row where we could look at the people and not the screen. SO many amazing panels! World's End (Simon Pegg! Nick Frost! Edgar Wright!), Veronica Mars, Kick-Ass 2, The Mortal Instruments, Game of Thrones (only thing we don't watch--- they gave awesome swag), Robo-Cop (Samuel L. Jackson!), The Walking Dead, Spider-Man 2, Riddick 2 (seriously, Vin Diesel is so gracious and kind!)... did I miss anything?

Josue, us and Sulu in line for Hall H. Thanks Josue and Seth for being awesome!
Spider-Man 2

World's End--- LOVE THESE GUYS!
Veronica Mars

Saturday we jumped into the Indigo Ballroom line to get in for How I Met Your Mother. Geek and Sundry and Machinima were before HIMYM, which was okay with me. I'm a fan of both online sources of entertainment. Later on that day, I walked by Wil Wheaton, Felicia Day, and their group while walking to my car.

The HIMYM panel was a ton of fun. You could totally see how the cast loves their fans, their job, each other, and their crew. Colbie Smulders sang "Let's Go the the Mall" with us and Jason Segal sang a bit as Dracula from "Saving Sarah Marshall". Neil Patrick Harris ran out into the audience to high five a fan after the guy's impression. It was awesome and probably my favorite panel of the weekend.
How I Met Your Mother cast and creators. Some of the crew was in the audience.
In the afternoon, I was able to pick up a copy of Holly Black's new book "The Coldest Girl in Cold Town" and ran into my local friends in line. It was great to catch up with people I haven't seen since there hasn't been a lot of YA local book events. We discussed how our own writing projects were going and how hard it was to be at con when people in the panels talk about creativity. Author guilt set in for me a few times and I was thinking, "I should be writing! I should be revising!" Silly writer tendencies!

Later that night, we were in the VIP section for the masquerade contest after a Backstage view. It was quite an experience to see some of the costumes up close!

Sunday was the quietest of the days. Met the awesome author of Eleanor and Park, Rainbow Rowell. She signed a button for me since I have an e-book and they ran out of hardcovers at the booth. Such a sweetie!!!
Rainbow Rowell!
Joss Whedon sighting
Took a picture in the Grimm shop. Apparently I'm the main character in this photo (why is my hair so awesome?). Sulu should be since she is a Grim!
Pacific Rim costumes. My favorite movie of this year so far!!!
We ended con by packing Sue's table up and going out for our traditional pizza. I didn't post everything, but these are the highlights! It was another great con and we couldn't have done it without the people! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone next year!

Sulu stayed another day with us so us girls went to the beach and did a bit of shopping while Joey worked (sad!). We tried on British hats in honor of the Royal Baby's birth. The Leaping Lotus in Solana Beach has a ton of them! After Joey got off work, we went to Pacific Beach to watch the sunset.
Sulu and I celebrating the Royal Baby! 
Sunset at Pacific Beach
A great way to end this little vacation. Now back to revisions!


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