Wednesday, October 3, 2012

RTW: Seasonal Writing

Today is Road Trip Wednesday! What is that? It is a blog carnival where the contributors of YA Highway post a weekly topic and participants write their responses. You can jump from blog to blog to see each blogger's take on the question. 

Topic of the week:
How does your writing (place, time, inspiration) change with the seasons?

I lived in North Dakota for the first thirty years of my life and the seasons there are quite entertaining. They say if you don't like the weather, wait five minutes. The temperature are quite extreme going as far as 40 below zero in the winter and up to 100 degrees in the summer. Blizzards in the winter, floods in the spring, tornadoes in the summer and fall. It isn't all weather (the number one conversation piece in the region). There is also the fluffy pieces of snow on winter days, the smell of fall during the turning of leaves, rainbows after a spring rain, and summer days by the lake. Those are the things that inspire my writing when I need details.

Summer was the busy time and harder to write since we don't get a lot of time outside. It was also a time that I would love taking a notebook to rest in my lap while sitting in the grass or while on walks. On the days that weren't scorching or freezing, of course.

Winter I would snuggle on the couch with the view of the snow and the lamplight outside our window to do the same thing. Winter was the time to keep me inside and brought me closer to my characters.

We moved to San Diego six months ago, and the season hasn't changed. People tend to complain about it, or that it is too hot or cold (in which I laugh). It hasn't rained very much and lots of sun. I find myself inspired in the different plants, the beach, the color of the sky, the city lights. I'm able to work full time at my writing so I'm more dedicated. I'm not sure how this weather and different seasonal changes will affect me, but I know there is beauty, extremes, and the in-between. Very much like writing.



  1. Wonderful post! When the weather's sunny and warm, I keep myself busier and then it's harder to write. I probably write the most when it's cold (by San Diego standards). :)

  2. North Dakota's wacky weather sounds an awful lot like Alberta weather. :) We get all of the seasons in their full-blown glory. I think fall has to be my favourite for finding inspiration and feeling creative, but summer is the most productive (more daylight hours). :)

  3. I love seeing how different people are! I wish I lived closer to the beach. Maybe then this constant heat would be as much of a drag lol

    My response:

  4. I always wanted to live on the East Coast, I always found that geography very inspirational. Now I live there. :) The weather (true seasons, fall color, so on) still inspires me.

  5. Seeing the pictures of the snow back in North Dakota today... I'm happy with what I have right now. I can walk around and I can always visit. I'm glad that I have the thick skin and details in my mind, though. It is fun discovering new things!

    Thanks all for stopping by and sharing your responses!


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