Monday, September 10, 2012

The Heroine's Geeky Faves: Board and Card Game Edition

When we moved to San Diego, I knew we would have to wait to attend science fiction and fantasy conventions to meet people. The season had passed, and Comic-Con is filled with people from all over. I decided to go to to see what groups were out there. I went through the lists that related to the things that I loved the most like games, writing, books, and movies.

We found a very active boardgame group that has meetups all over the city, and one in our neighborhood! We went and met some nice people (one of who we hang out with outside the group) and discovered new games and gained a new love for some we've played over and over before. I thought I would share my new loves with you.

Games that I Love

If you know me, or follow me on Twitter, you have probably read a tweet or two about Munchkin. There are many versions of it from the original fantasy themed to space, ninjas, zombies, westerns and even Cthulhu. It is a bit of a strategy game where you try to reach Level 10 before everyone else by playing your cards right. That includes going against your other players when they face their foes. However, anything can happen. I've won games with no cards in my hands, and Joey won a game last night where he built himself back up from Level 4 after losing five levels. I can't say enough about it, and if you want to learn how to play, check out this fun Tabletop Episode from Geek and Sundry's YouTube Channel.

DiscWorld: Ankh-Morpork
This game is based off the fabulous Terry Prachett DiscWorld book series. You don't need to know the characters to love this game. It is only for 2-4 players and your objective can be different each time that you play, and you have to guess what the other players objectives to make sure they don't accomplish it before you reach yours. I definitely recommend this game!!! We've played with several different groups and they were very taken by it.

Apples to Apples
I kept hearing people talk about this game so you probably have know about it too. It is a simple party game that is a ton of fun. One person picks a card with a word on it, and the other players try to match, find something funny, or serious that matches that card. Or, you can go the complete opposite directions (I find Bigfoot is usually a guaranteed win card). You never know sometimes what the person will pick. It all depends on their (or your) mood. Great for parties!

A card game that two people can play, or more if you like. The game can last up to a half hour, or even a minute. You never know what is going to happen since the objective to win can change every turn if desired. Right now we own the Monty Python edition and trying to decide which one to pick up next.

What is your favorite game or game-related story?



  1. However, if you have gone through the working pile without being able to use a single card, you lose the to play solitaire


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