Wednesday, June 27, 2012

RTW: Best Book of June 2012

Today is Road Trip Wednesday! What is that? It is a blog carnival where the contributors of YA Highway post a weekly topic and participants write their responses. You can jump from blog to blog to see each blogger's take on the question. 

Topic of the week:

What was the best book your read in June?

I post a list of the books I've read over the month and give mini-reviews to them in The Heroine's Monthly Reads. I want to take more time to review books, however, I'm trying to focus on my actual writing for the time being.

I'm really trying to jump around more with what I'm reading. However, I've been dying for some satisfying fantasy after reading Kristin Cashore's Bitterblue. When I heard about Leigh Bardugo's Shadow and Bone, I knew that I had to read this as soon as I could get my hands on it. I was lucky enough to pick up the book at my local bookstore, Mysterious Galaxy, the day after it came out during the the Fierce Reads tour. Even though I hadn't read the book, I was really excited to meet the author. It helps, too, that my name fit the Russian-inspired fantasy tale (which she was so kind to sign my book with, and made me a fangirl right there).

It took me longer to read Bitterblue the month before because I wanted to savor every single word. Shadow and Bone also had that effect on me. The books are nothing alike, but adore them both. Shadow and Bone's heroine is someone that I could relate to since she is bold at times and I love her fun-loving dialogue with the other characters. Her relationship with her best friend, Mal, is one of the things that also kept me reading since he charmed me right away (and why do I keep seeing Captain Mal Reynolds when I think of him?). I loved how subtle everything between them is, and at the same time, so incredibly strong.

The Darkling is a curious character, a powerful and almost immortal man who remind me a bit of Dracula. People fear him, and yet Alina is very drawn to him. Now, he isn't a sparkling vampire. He is a mystery that Alina doesn't try to unlock. She falls into it, as she does everything that happens to her.

Shadow and Bone has everything that I love to see in a fantasy, and more. So if you have a craving for some well-written fantasy, go and pick up this book!

Are there any fantasy books that you are loving this month?

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  1. I have this on my TBR list already, and from all the positive attention it's getting, it appears to deserve that place. I hope to read it soon. Thanks for adding to my already-whetted appetite. :)

  2. I just got SHADOW AND BONE the other day, and I'm dying to read it. I've been reading FOR DARKNESS SHOWS THE STARS, an awesome book and my choice for Best June Read. :)

  3. I would like to read Shadow and Bone :)

  4. I'm dying to read For Darkness Shows the Stars. It is on the top of my "want to buy" list. If you guys like fantasy, Shadow and Bone should definitely go onto your lists. Thanks for stopping by!


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