Monday, June 11, 2012

Camp NaNoWriMo: Give It a Little Time

"I tell you all these things to show you that working is not grinding but a wonderful thing to do; that creative powers is in all of you if you give it just a little time; if you believe in it a little bit and watch it come quietly into you; if you do not keep it out by always hurrying and feeling guilty in those times when you should be lazy and happy. Or if you do not keep the creative power away by telling yourself that worst of lies-- that you haven't any. "
 --Brenda Ueland, "If You Want to Write: A Book about Art, Independence and Spirit"

This quote helped bring into perspective, and I recommend this book to writers. If you don't want to take my word for it, seriously would you deny the wisdom of Felicia Day via The Flog? I thought so.

After college, my husband worked while I planned our wedding. I traveled with him around the upper Midwest while he did photography. During that time, I also focused on writing my first novel. I had started it in college and wanted to finish it, and after six months, I had the first draft completed. After getting married, I went out and got a job, working ever since. I wrote a few more novels. Short stories. Poetry. Blogged. I made time whenever I could while working, at night, on the weekends. That is how it is done, and it never had any set pattern. I created goals. What to blog, my word counts, completion dates.

I'm now able to write from home, and my mind is sticking to this pattern. I don't know if I write better in the morning or evening. My process is developing while I explore different options. Whatever it is, I'm learning that I write when I'm inspired. Oh wait, I shouldn't wait for inspiration Most of the time I need to sit my butt down, open Scrivener, and start typing. And it works. I might not write as much as I like, but when I'm  at a stopping point, I'm at least 500-1000 words deeper.There is no magical time, or place. I have a brand new shiny laptop that I can drag to the library, or the coffee shops, to the living room, outside on the grass, or the patio. It is light (3 pounds) and my new companion in this city.

The biggest thing that I've had to learn is what Ueland talks about above. To give myself time to enjoy other things without destroying my creativity. Spending time with my husband, giving my cat a belly rub, and even doing the dishes while listening to 60s music. Sometimes stories unfold in those times, and that is good. I'm tired of feeling guilty when I told my laundry, or groan when I see the dishes have piled up. I let myself have moments--- do the dishes before supper, fold laundry when I need a writing break, and indulge myself when I sit down at a cafe after a nice walk over there.

The worse lie is to tell myself that what I do is not worthy, and that doesn't lead me anywhere. It stops me in my tracks and that isn't productive or healthy.

Camp NaNoWrimo is happening in June and August, and having that goal is helping boost my confidence. I'm a little behind due to my brother's wedding, but I'm writing a chapter a day! It is helping me push forward. I hope then to continue with at least 1000 words a day, 5 days a week. I choose to start goals since that is where I excel. I like drawing a line through something that I've accomplished. It is a system that works for me. I'm flexible, but also grounded.

I haven't been updating at much since I'm doing my best at adjusting to our new environment.

Now to meet my daily writing goal.


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