Monday, May 14, 2012

Where I Found a "Life List"

I'm going through my documents on my laptop and throwing my four writing projects into Scrivener. I found some fun things that I forgot that I had here and there. I think out of all of them, this is the most surprising. I do like to write goals every year, but this I didn't expect (even though I'm a goal writing, list orientated kind of girl. See the photo below). I wrote this back in October of 2006, 10 months after I got married. I think this is part of something from the Ellen DeGeneres show.

Life List

1.      Write and/or Read every day! (This one is always a bit of a stretch, isn't it?)
2.      Experience Los Angeles/California as much as you can when at Star Wars Celebration IV (May 2007)!
3.      Raise my self-confidence. Watch what I say. Apologize and mean it. Don’t always blame myself- focus on the situation and not on whose fault is what. Learn to laugh more.
4.      Write in regular journal every two weeks, and in my livejournal whenever!
5.      Learn more healthy habits--- and live by them! This includes eating healthier, eating less, and exercising three times a week.
6.      Someday travel to:
a.       England (we also went to France!)
b.      Ireland
c.       Scotland
d.      Australia (this one I'm not sure of right now, ha!)
e.       Japan
f.       Prince Edwards Island (Anne of Green Gables!)
7.      In the US:
a. New York City
b. Las Vegas
c. Seattle (again!) (we were in the airport on the way to Japan, does that count?)
8.      Make a costume or cloak
9.      Learn to knit
10. Go to Comicon (going again this year, but who knew I would move to San Diego?)

I don't know why, but here's a list that was with it. Not sure what the difference is here:

1. Write and/or Read every day! (again, a bit of a stretch. Both are always on my mind every day!)
2. Go to Japan
3. Go to the United Kingdom
4. Learn how to make a cloak (yeah, we shall see!)
5. Go on our honeymoon (Atlantis, Disney World... somewhere!) 
6. Stop being so hard on myself
7. Complete my stories and publish them (this is the one that breaks my heart the most, but I'm on my way!)
8. Go to a Jewel concert
9. To be continued.... (indeed, as in, I need to make a new list!)

Google created a website called Schemer that is a lot of fun where you make goals of things you want to do. Looking at this Lifelist, it is time to create something new. I can't believe how far I've come in the past six years. I'm curious what the next six will bring!

What is one thing you would put on your list?



  1. I haven't had a life list since I was 17! I should actually make one but I'm so scared of the things I'd put on there!

  2. One thing I've noticed that is if I write them down, they are more likely to come true. Like this list, sometimes I don't look at it for years and am happy to see that I follow my heart. And if I haven't done it, and still desire to do so, it just goes back on the list. It is always nice to keep reaching for something.

  3. This is so great, Natasha. Made me smile.
    Keep reaching, indeed...


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