Wednesday, February 22, 2012

What to Expect When Moving: Packing Edition

I would think that I would feel more nervous than I am, but for some reason, those times are quite fleeting. We have put up our home on the market this week, and hope to finalize our new home base in San Diego sometime this week. We have started going through our things, and I have realized some things while examining everything as I shove them into tubs and boxes.
Do I really need this cassette tape?
(The answer is "yes". It is the only one I kept.)

      Sometimes things aren’t as important as you once thought they were. I had this little plastic koala that I found while going through a box. I’ve had it since I was a kid and still smelled like some type of Avon perfume (the name of which was on its little foot). I have moved it every time over the past eleven years for some odd reason. I stared it probably longer than I should have, but I knew it was time for us to part. There was no reason to keep it except that it has been in my memory for as long as I can remember. It has no purpose, or use. It just existed. I took a deep breath, and it went into the garbage pile. In that moment, my whole perspective of packing and this move changed.(Another note: I hate throwing stuff when I move. We recycle as much as we can. I have a tub full of paper and piles of old cardboard ready to go in my car.)

        Does this item have a purpose? This is an extension of #1, but whatever. Sentimentality has its place, but I decided it was time for a cleanse. I have no clue if this has something to do with turning 30 years old, moving from the Midwest to California, my back problems requires me to wear a corset, or the loss of space. I am going with it being a cleanse so I can have a fresher start with things. I mean, do I really need multiple copies of my high school Senior Book filled with hopes, dreams, wills, and prophecies? No, I don't. 

3      Sometimes it is good to visit the past. And sometimes it takes a while to move onto the next piece to pack. Clutching onto old stuffed animals. I bought this book ten years ago and haven’t read it yet. Will I ever read it? Probably not. The worst is clothes when the realization hits that I will never fit into that ever again. The best is when you realize that you are happy that can’t fit into that anymore (overalls, anyone?). My first stories written on candy cane shaped paper can stay, but an obsolete paper on The Roswell Incident goes into the recycling.

      Pizza turns into the only food group when it comes time to clean out the fridge. It is perfect when you don’t want too many dishes, and to keep the oven clean. It is safe, tasty, and convenient.

        Challenge accepted: Staying organized while destroying your house. I like being organized. Last night I had set aside three different tubs for three different things while in the spare room. I realized that it wouldn't work since a pile of the things needed to go downstairs, and then passed onto the garage for it to be filled. So, I set the stack aside to just take downstairs rather than waste a tub or box. That created clutter. My priority tonight is to fix the clutter. Clutter can work, that is, if you close the door so you don’t see it.

          If you have three tubs of something, can you make it into two? I have three tubs of books with stuffed animals on top from the spare room (to help balance the weight). I think I might go through the books again to see if I can get it down to two. I already have two tubs in the garage, and possibly three or more from the dining room. It goes back to the question of how long ago did I read this, will this become a good reference, and the reminder that I am not exactly college age. Some questions (and realizations) are harder than others.

      Cleaning as you go. I am a firm believer in dusting as you go. I blame my mother, but it makes sense. Having a dust rag or the vacuum nearby can help clear the area of dust so you aren’t sneezing over and over, and it is one less thing to do later on. And do you really want to move something dusty into your new clean home? Having Q-tips nearby can help too for those small nooks and crannies.

        Open the windows. If you can. It is February in North Dakota here, so it isn’t that much of an option for a long period of time. I like open windows when I pack and clean since it brings in that fresh air. I now know why it is called “spring cleaning” since that is when we can open the windows again finally.

        Don’t just throw. Give it away! We are making piles for people to go through of DVDs and books where they can pick or choose. Otherwise, we might try to pawn some things off. We have bookshelves that we are posting on Facebook and other big items we know won’t be coming with us. Craigslist is also your friend or a local place that takes items for charity.

       Lists are your friend. Make lists of things you want to go rid of, or take pictures for easy access. Don’t forget to make lists of things you might need to replace or for your new space. I’m looking at getting a new desk and chair so I need to keep that in mind for space and money. Pinterest has become part of that list process where I pinned the desk I want from IKEA. Having an online list and a visual is nice so I won't lose it during the chaos.Trust me, you will lose something. One time we lost a Pizza Corner pizza. It was never found.

I moved to Fargo in 2000 to attend college after living in the same little town and house for the first eighteen years of my life. I have moved seven times in ten years, and this is my eighth time and obviously my biggest ever. I used to live with apartment managers so I learned the tricks of the trade, and know what is necessary to make it easy for everyone. I'm sad to leave our first real home, but excited for our new one. I can’t believe we are doing this. Looking at this list, I can see why I am not freaking out. It is like I have been preparing myself for this next adventure.

Any tips you want to share?


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  1. I love the lost Pizza Corner pizza! lol!
    Hmmm... story idea! :-)
    Speaking of- maybe sneak little koala into a story... to keep him around. <3


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