Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Bite of Poetry

I used to write poetry. I had a notebook that I kept next to my bed and some days I would carry it with me. I would find a spot outside, or a corner somewhere, and I would write something that I never expected. If I couldn't think of something, I would doodle until it formed better in my mind. I started doing this my freshman year of high school. A friend gave me a Coca Cola notebook as a good-bye present when she moved, and I didn't know exactly what to put into it. The words she wrote in the inside cover encouraged me to write and that notebook became the first of my poetry notebooks. 

Most of the poems usually come out sad, but I like them. Well, most of them. Today I was thinking about how it has been a long time since I wrote a poem. My latest notebook sits on my bookshelf next to my desk, but I haven't pulled it out for a while. Maybe it is time that I  carry it with me again to see what happens.

Here is a poem I found on my old online journal that I thought I would share. 

Swimming down, down, down
into the dark
the push of my legs
strong and able.

Swimming down, down, down
all the weight of the world
lifting off my shoulders
stroking the water gently.

Swimming down, down, down
I stop to turn around
to see the light pouring,
shimmering with memories.

unsure of where to go
pressure heavy on my chest
pushing down, down, down.

(I drown)

This poem comes from the feelings I experienced two years ago. When I closed my eyes, I kept imagining myself under water. It took me a long time to come up for air. I now imagine myself running.



  1. I like it! I used to write a lot of poetry, too. I don't remember when I stopped or why. I have them all in a notebook and folder shoved away in a box. I really like this one though.

  2. Thanks, Kitten! I hesitated sharing it here, but it is a good first step to start again! Would love to read something of yours someday.


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