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All Hallows Story

Thought I would share the inspiration for my NaNoWriMo project this year since it fits the Hallowe'en feel. Hope you enjoy it!

Most children have monsters in their closets. They may appear fuzzy and harmless enough, but their true nature always appears with glowing eyes, lolling tongues, and the needle sharp teeth. They feed off fear, but there have been no casualties yet.

I am not one of those children. I used to rest in my bed, staring up at the shadow shifting ceiling, waiting for anything to give me that thrill. I wanted to clutch my blanket and relish the unrelenting pounding of my heart. Instead, I would wake up in the morning to the simple songbird that had a nest near my bedroom window. All appeared well in my world.

Soon, I was too old. There wasn’t a monster that would want a child my age. I would think of the other children in my first days of school. They didn’t have enough sleep judging from the weight of their eyelids, or when they happened to jump at any little sou…

A Different Kind of NaNoWriMo Challenge

It almost November, the month of pie and breaking out the winter jacket. It is also the month of NaNoWriMo!
I haven’t participated in NaNoWriMo for the past few years for various reasons that I don’t need to babble on about because this sentence is already long enough, right? The thing I am focusing on is now and what I can do this year. I want to participate since I would like to do a bit of writing and attend the write-ins with my local writers. However, I know that I am unable to do the full word count and keep up with the daily 1,666 goal. I need something smaller, and less manageable.
That is when I found out about InkyGirl’s Challenge. It can be done any time of the year, and it is perfect for what I can do while revising my novel, working a full time job, and being in denial about the weather. I can stay involved with NaNoWriMo, accomplish some writing, and possibly start another fun project. I am already using the free Windows trial of Scrivener to begin a bit of outlining, c…

A Horror Movie List

Every October, we love to bring out the horror movies more than any other month. Where we live, October tends to live up to the atmosphere to watch horror movies with cool weather, scattering leaves, and cloudy days. I love the neighborhood that we live in right now with all the big old houses with many untold stories. Right down the block, on the corner, is one of the best houses to imagine a horror movie taking place. It is never lit up, and it almost stares back at you with its tall windows.

I don't know why we enjoy horror movies. It might take us out of our safety zone, but it has us ask ourselves the big question: What would I do in that situation? Or better yet, Would I do that

One of my friends asked recently for some horror movies that he might not have seen. I thought I would share the ones I told him about and maybe include a list of some other goodies. Click on the links to watch the trailers.

1) Mr. Vampire- We found out about this movie from The Onion AV Club. It is…

Taking the (Writing) Challenge

I've returned from my wonderful vacation to San Diego/Disneyland/NYC with my mind refreshed and ready to tackle my writing/editing. I don't think I can put in the effort that I would like to see in NaNoWriMo, but decided to take a smaller challenge. Over at Inkygirl, she came up with the idea that can be used anytime of the year where you can chose to write 250, 500, or 1000 words a day. The rules are pretty much up to the writer, but helps with motivation to have goals. Be sure to check out the challenge page with the "rules" and different word trackers.

Before I left on our adventures, I finished up doing the small editing in my manuscript. I have an idea of things that I want to change during the revision. There were a few ideas that I need to strengthen that finally came together. I also finally drew out a map of my character's world in Rockefeller Center in NYC while we waiting for the rain to stop. I have a notebook that I doodle notes, sketches, and tape i…

Winner of the All Hallow's Read Contest

Today is October 1st so that means the All Hallow's Eve Contest has ended. I used a Random Number Generator to decide, and the winner is of an Audible version of The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman is....

Cory Putnam Oakes!

Congrats to Cory and thank you all for entering my very first contest on my blog!

I also want to point out that a month from today, on November 1st, Cory will be releasing her first book, The Veil. I know that I will pick it up the first chance that I get! Go over to her website to learn more.

Thanks again everyone! Remember to celebrate All Hallow's Read with your family and friends and to keep an eye out on the blog for a few upcoming book reviews and contests.