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Return from Distant Shores

We returned about a week ago from Japan and are still recovering from jet lag. There are so many stories about our adventures that I have decided to do multiple blog entries about the trip. I will split it up with one about our days in Kyoto and the others about Tokyo. We also had a brief visit to Shin-Fuji where we saw Mount Fuji. I am thinking a blog post about some travel tips that we have learned and the benefit of going to Japan for research in my book.
As you can see, multiple blog posts are necessary. I will continue to update my blog on a regular basis since I will have more time. I have a few reviews of books that I would like to do and I am beginning my editing process on KIN. There will be much to talk about in what steps I am going to take to make this story the best that it can be and the process that it will take to make sure it becomes that way. So lots of things to look forward to and I appreciate those who have been waiting for recent posts.

Distant Shores

"Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore."- Andre Gide
A few weeks ago, someone posted this quote and it really fit the ideas of the future in my life. What is life without courage? The emotion that this quote forgets is the elusive fear that slithers in and succeeds in keeping some close to shore. There isn't anything wrong with that, but there is a difference that is apparent when one from each side has a conversation. I know people that ask me why I want to travel far away from home or why I want to be a writer. For me, there is that sense of adventure and learning new things. There is a world out there, waiting.
There is a comic that is floating around Twitter right now that really captures that fear of the artist and that this sense of adventure doesn't just come naturally. You need people to nudge your forward and remind you of your strength and to help feed your spirit. They will help you when you need it, but also bel…

Fortune Smiled Down on Me

I joined the military at the age of seventeen. I was scared and unsure. How do I pay for college? How independent do I want to be? A bunch of questions were always in my mind and I signed up thinking that I would travel, that I would have my college paid for, and all were selfish reasons. We were in peace time, I was told. It was a different time in 1999.A month after my high school graduation in June of 2000, I was set to leave for South Carolina for my training and I would move onto Virginia after that. However, I got out due to medical reasons, and it was the hardest choice I made.I applied to college right away, and that is when fortune truly smiled on me. I was accepted into the New Center program (now Corrick Center) at Minnesota State University Moorhead. I would start in the spring 2001. I moved to the big city of Fargo where I was hired at K-Mart, the place where I met my husband. On the first day of classes, I met one of my best friends and future roommate. I met two more of…

When I'm not writing

I am going to admit that I haven't been writing. I am taking the time to do other things.
Helping run an awesome sci fi and fantasy convention. Playing Munchkin with friends. Finally booking our hotel rooms for our trip to Japan and doing last minute research. Taking long walks through our neighborhood that I adore. Throwing out stuff for Clean Up Week. Cursing the snow that fell on the first day of May. Drinking butterbeer with friends. Watching Ghibli Studio and Godzilla movies. Keeping and spilling a big secret. Reading the stack of books I ignored. Ordering a copy of Kin to take on our trip to edit and doodle in research. Cheating by writing editing notes for my manuscript and beginning to outline a collaborative story.
We have decided to go to Japan as planned. That means we leave later this month. I am ready to carry my manuscript with me wherever I go and will tackle the first edits throughout the month of June. It will be something to re-discover my editing process in the s…