Friday, December 30, 2011

2012 Goal List

I decided that this year instead of starting with my goals for the past year, that I should just look ahead for the next year. Sometimes it better to look forward rather than behind. There are so many possibilities in goals and that is what I want to see in 2012. Lots of possibilties. 

2012 Goals
  1. Finish revisions on KIN and submit.
  2. Write another novel.
  3.  Submit a short story for publication.
I decided that I want to make writing my biggest priority, and that is what I plan on doing.

Here are the results of my 2011 goals:

1)     Finish the rewrite of Kin and have it ready for submission by the end of the year.
I am on the fourth edits and will be doing major revisions next. I’m proud of what I have done so far with the time I have been given. So, you will be seeing new goals pertaining to this.

2)     Do a rewrite and edit of Beyond the Garden. Start writing book 2 in the series.
I am dragging my feet on what to do with this book. When I was talking to my mother about it, she gave me this look and said, “Don’t you dare change a thing.” If I do work on it again, there needs edits.

3)     Retile and remodel the bathrooms. Retile the laundry room.
We decided against making changes to the house due to some big changes we are planning for 2012 that I can't talk about here right now.

4)     Exercise at least 2 times a week. Find something I don't mind doing.
I did well at the beginning of the year, however, I kept having back pain no matter what I did. I went to the chiropractor and found out that I have disc degeneration in my lower back and arthritis. I am doing my best to find way to help relieve the pain (like getting a different work chair) before adding anything too demanding. Running and jogging are now off the table since it causes too much stress on me. Right now I am focusing on walking and yoga. However, I do love walking, so there is something! 

5)     Draw and paint something that I like.
While in San Diego, I sat in a class taught by my artist friend and did a sketch of two fish. I love it. This is something that I would like to keep pursuing.

6)     Plan a trip to Japan (Kyoto and Tokyo), Disneyland, and New York City.
Went to all of those places, as well as San Diego. I wrote blog posts on each of them. Just click on the cities to read about the trips.

7)     Re-read some of my favorite authors.
Tamora Pierce and Shannon Hale are my end of the year reads while I rewrite.

8)     Write at least one book review a month.
That just didn’t happen. I am thinking book reviews are not a priority for me. Unless I completely am in love with it. 

I think what I have discovered about this year is what I should really focus my time on. As I always say, to keep moving on forward.


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