Friday, November 11, 2011

West Coast Side Trip

My husband Joey and I decided that we wanted to visit San Diego and our good friend (and artist) Sue Dawe this year. I really wanted to attend the Halloween Party at Disneyland so we decided on going in October. Here are my favorite highlights of the trip.

I heard a lot about this bookstore online. I actually bought books from them when I went to author signings at San Diego Comic Con back in 2009. When we went to the store, I didn't realize how much more amazing it is when you go there in person. They describe themselves as "genre store specializing in science fiction, mystery, fantasy, and horror" and they have a list of different authors that stop by every month to sign books. The night we went, Neal Stephenson was stopping into promote his new book, Reamde. The author also happens to be one of the favorite authors of our good friend and catsitter, Brandon. We ended up coming back to the store to get our catsitter a signed book. One of the other thing we learned at the store is that if you buy e-books through the Google Books, Mysterious Galazy can earn a percentage of the sale. I was so deeply impressed. I have totally decided that this is the best independent bookstore I have ever visited.
Kermit, Miss Piggy, a pirate, a Jedi, and
a Starfleet officer go to Disneyland...

Joey and I attended the Christmas party at DisneyWorld last year and fell completely in love with it. I am not one for the holiday, but it helped my spirit (we went to celebrate our 5 year wedding anniversary). When I found out about the Halloween party, I knew that we had to attend. It worked out really, really well. Our friends have been going to Disneyland all of their lives and never before were able to go into the park in costume. Our friends are big into dressing up, and so they were acting like little kids that they were finally going to be breaking one of the rules so it was great to see the joy they were getting from it. Joey and I picked out easy costumes for travel and ended up going as Kermit and Miss Piggy. I shouldn't go on too much about Disneyland, but really, it is worth every penny to go to these holiday events. There are fewer people and it really gets you into the spirit.

Sue took us to Seaport Village and I completely fell in love with it. I am not a shopper, but these little places all have their own charm and specialties. You never know what you are going to find in the next place you step into and there is another bookstore that I really enjoy there called Upstart Crow. We ate supper at one of the places along the water as the sun set and took a walk along the paths under the full moon. Very lovely.

We visited La Jolla the last time we were in San Diego and I really wanted to go again. There is just something peaceful about the different walking paths and watching the sea life. It feels a bit less part of the city to me and almost exotic (remember, I am from the Midwest). I love it there! 

San Diego really impressed me this time on our trip and I can't wait to go there again. We didn't make it again to the zoo, the Japanese Friendship Garden, or Balboa Park, but I am sure we will get to those places again in the future. 

That is the first part of our trip. My next blog post will be about our first visit to New York City. Yes, we went from our home in the Midwest to the West Coast and then over to the East Coast. We just asked ourselves, "Why not?" 


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