Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Taking a Different Approach to Writing

Without risking failure, maybe even running headlong into it, there’s no chance for discovering something new and beautiful. –Sara Zarr

I’m not just in the first week of a writing challenge, but in the first week of writing discovery. It is the start of a new way of writing for me and it could change the way I do writing.
Sophie decided that I needed to take a
break from editing.

KIN is nearing three years of work. I am in the revision portion of the novel and balancing it with this new project. Looking back, I decided that writing was the easiest part of Kin. The struggle that I am having with is with revisions. When it comes to revision, readers are one of the most important resources and I found amazing critique partners. However, I am still in the part where I am holding it close to myself and scared to let it go. I am almost there to give the full manuscript to read, but not quite yet.

This new novel, I wanted to approach it differently from the lessons that I have learned about my writing style. I decided I want more of an outline, but I also provide the freedom of exploration. I have a small idea, but decided to go with it during NaNoWriMo month. I am letting ideas flow and writing in 250-500 word spurts to get to know my characters, the setting, and the conflicts. When I have about 6,000-10, 000 words, I am going to sit down and form that outline.  What I have learned in just the first 3,000 words will really help in forming this into a fun middle grade book and possibly help with my future revision process.

I recognize the failures in my writing process. I can actually see the ways that I have grown and that gives me the strength to keep moving. Everything I write isn’t the best thing ever, but that doesn’t matter. It is proof that I am a daredevil in my own way.

Make sure to visit the link where I snagged my quote. Bookmark it for when you feel down or you want something different from the Ira Glass video.

And that, people, is my NaNoWriMo pep talk.


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