Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Horror Movie List

Every October, we love to bring out the horror movies more than any other month. Where we live, October tends to live up to the atmosphere to watch horror movies with cool weather, scattering leaves, and cloudy days. I love the neighborhood that we live in right now with all the big old houses with many untold stories. Right down the block, on the corner, is one of the best houses to imagine a horror movie taking place. It is never lit up, and it almost stares back at you with its tall windows.

I don't know why we enjoy horror movies. It might take us out of our safety zone, but it has us ask ourselves the big question: What would I do in that situation? Or better yet, Would I do that

One of my friends asked recently for some horror movies that he might not have seen. I thought I would share the ones I told him about and maybe include a list of some other goodies. Click on the links to watch the trailers.

1) Mr. Vampire- We found out about this movie from The Onion AV Club. It is a Hong Kong comedy horror. Once you see the trailer, you will see why my husband had to watch this movie. (Spoiler after this point). Hopping vampires that can't see you if you hold your breath. It is odd, and not traditional, but it is meant to be campy fun.

2) Ravenous- Another black comedy/horror movie set in 1840s California. The scary element of this story is cannibalism. They have two great actors, Robert Carlyle and Guy Pierce, headlining the 1999 film.

3) The Troll Hunter This is a new favorite among my friends. It is available right now on Netflix Instant. It is a Norwegian mockumentary of movies that we have been seeing, but is really, really good. It bears the question that I see coming up that CGI isn't as scary as puppets we have seen in the past. However, this movie uses the elements that puppet monster movies do and makes it work for me.

4) The Host- This has nothing to do with Stephenie Meyer's book. This is a South Korean film monster flick. It follows a family who is thrust into the middle of these events, and I was deeply impressed when the credits rolled. Out of all the films listed here, this one is definitely my favorite of the bunch and I would watch it again!

Do you have any movies to add to this list? We are always looking for new ones to watch and share with friends.


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