Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Why I own a Nook and not a Kindle

I remember when the Nook was first announced. Until that point, I didn't even bat an eye in the direction of e-books. I didn't feel ready yet, and I didn't like the Kindle because they use their own own file format (mobi). E-pub is the standard file format for e-books (recommended by the International Digital Publishing Forum and used pretty much by everyone else). I have seen it cause problems with libraries sharing their books and some online services that provide Advance Reader Copies. If music can have a standard file format of MP3 of the music industry, there is no reason why e-book readers shouldn't follow in the same direction.

That is the reason why I decided not to buy a Kindle. I know that it is a game changer and can be seen as the Coke of e-readers, but that doesn't mean it is better. I love my Nook and enjoy reading e-books. The reason why I bought it is because it is an Android device and I knew there were good things to come from it like apps. Sure, the new Kindle has Android on it, but it is a special version of it. You can only use the Amazon Market and there are app you won't find from their Android store (ex: Gmail). It is sad that they are limiting their potential of what they can do for their users when it is so easy for them to do so much more. 

I'm a huge supporter of Android and Amazon. I think there is good in what Amazon has created in regards to the book industry. However, I just can't look past the e-pub and some of the choices they are making. I will keep an eye out for what they continue to do in the future, but for now, I am still enjoying my Nook.


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  1. Hi Natasha, I was actually considering buying the new Kindle Fire, but after reading your post, I'm a little bit on the edge . . . I don't get what the Kindle doesn't do - I mean, your post covered it, but why is a Nook better? Can you buy e-books from anywhere including Amazon or is it just on Barnes and Noble? Can you put itunes music on both? Just a bit confused -



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  2. This is why I put out the extra cash and got an iPad. I can have apps for all the readers and buy from anywhere I want. Plus I can play angry birds on a bigger screen ;)

  3. A Nook uses epub so you can buy book from other websites that use that file format. It is easy to sideload your books (plug the Nook to your computer) if you download them. You might do this if you use NetGalley, the library, or use outside websites. You can directly download the books from Barnes and Noble onto the Nook.

    I have the older Nook and I have put MP3's onto it and am able to listen to music. Another nice feature about the Nook is you can add upgradeable memory so you can put your music on there. I don't use that feature very often, however.

    I primarily use my e-reader as that only. I have a Evo 3D where I use all my apps and I wanted something to use that is easy on the eyes. I won't be buying a Color for some time because of the screen. My husband owns an awesome Visio tablet that has an 8" screen that he loves since he can read comics. Sadly, that is the size I would like to see from the Nook and Kindle (which are 7").

    Thanks for your comments! If you have another questions, I would love to hear them! @Valen--- you are entered into the contest!!!


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