Saturday, September 24, 2011

Jim Henson Inspires

"Inspired by his gentleness, we'll fill the world with gentleness. Inspired by his vision, we'll fill the world with vision. Inspired by his chicken imitation, we'll fill the world with laughter"-Jocelyn Stevenson on Jim Henson

When my husband and I planned our wedding back in 2005, we wanted to add all different types of touches to it. We had kitties as our cake toppers, The Legend of Zelda theme as I walked down the aisle, a Jedi styled wedding dress (that happened by accident), and even Muppet and Disney stamps on our wedding invitations. In our wedding book, we have one of the stamps of Jim Henson. His works has become one of the geeky things we have bonded over (and still do), but he is also an inspiration to both of us. His projects and vision bring out the kids in us and challenges us to hold onto our imagination.

Thank you, Jim Henson. Your life has helped so many lives in bringing so much joy. We will pass this onto our kids and hold it in our hearts as a special gift. You have influenced so many people, and it is a thrill to see how many live as you did with kindness, courage, and creativity.

Image of the Google Doodle in honor of Jim Henson
Check YouTube for people having fun with song


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