Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Falling behind, stepping forward, or something

I have some blog posts in mind. I have about seven books that I can review when I find the time to make them sound sensible and pretty them up with pictures and links. I have another big blog post in mind that might even include my very first contest. They are all up there in my mind swimming around, waiting for the dam to open.

Right now I am editing. I did my first read through and marked small edits. I was mostly focusing on the plot to figure out what I could do better to tighten it up. Now I am doing the second reading and almost tearing apart every line that I can. I am also marking where I can fix this or that. When I get to it, I plan on posting before and after pictures of what it looks like when I am done with a page.

The black marks are a good thing, if that is believable. It is to create a stronger and more believable story. I am by the seat of my pants writer so I don't expect that everything that I type out on my laptop is shiny. I expect to go back and focus on my words. It is a beautiful thing, but also, it takes time.

I hope you can find patience with the blog for just a little bit longer. It is summer out there and I hope the nice weather will help distract you with its breezes, glimmering water, gardening, chasing butterflies, or whatever summer has you do. And write or read in hammocks. Oh, how I wish I had a hammock.

Going to the library tonight so I can focus on a few more chapters. Trying to decide what playlists to take with me. It should make for a productive evening.



  1. Hey! Great to see that you're getting organized and shtuff. My new blog design is almost loaded and then it'll be awesome!

    I can add you to the about me page if you want, hehe, liking this . . . also want to set up some kind of a feature thingy . . . having some trouble coming up with an idea . .. but it'll be ferryman related and shtuff.

  2. I noticed that you did that and it looks amazing. I like the quiz (you will see my result on FB).

    You can put me on the About Page (linky please, too) that would be awesome. I am working on book reviews as we speak. It is one of my goals this weekend since it supposed to be like 90 degrees outside. Yuck!


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