Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Write Age

Today I was reminded of a blog post that I wrote about two years ago that talks about the blog post Why New Novelists Are Kinda Old, or, Hey, Publishing is Slow. I was reminded of it because of the tweets below from author Justine Larbalestier:

JustineLavaworm Athletes & writers age differently. They are old at 30; we are spring chickens. We're not even middle aged till our 60s.

Last night I was sitting on a deck with the sun setting with friends that I went to elementary, junior high, high school, and college. We all skipped our high school reunion the previous summer and were now brought together for our friend's wedding. The brief topic of turning 30 came up, and it was met with a bit of a groan. It was more a passing thought than a conversation. It was a realization.

I wrote that blog post two years ago and I was a different person. I had started the first draft of Kin a few months previous, Joey's grammy didn't have her stroke, we were still planning our trip to England for that December, we weren't vegetarians, and didn't own a house. There was something else that I won't mentioned that helped me find more confidence in my life, and in a way, write Kin's story stronger.

I finished writing my first novel at 23. For myself, I think that not age, but experience, has really added to expanding my world and my writing. I have grown by overcoming challenges and learning more about the human condition. There is a strength in that for writers and age is just a number. It isn't about the age, but maybe more about growth of the writers themselves. Then, of course, there is the industry when it comes to the actual publishing side.

I encourage young(er) people to not give up. There is room to grow and go for it. I am not published yet, but I know once I am, that it will be worth the wait. Your book and you will be stronger for it.

I am less than a year from 30 and sometimes I feel like I am staring up at it in disbelief. I think now it is more like going up the stairs of one of the temples of Japan and looking down at where I started. It is a disbelief that I did it. I have almost made it to the next milestone of my journey and I must keep moving forward to discover what I may find. All it will do is add to my resources of better writing. That is what the write age is all about.



  1. I love that advice. Thanks Natasha!! I feel like I get better all the time, but I'm still not even able to write more than short stories.

  2. The right idea will come along if you aspire to it and expand enough for a novel. You never know. Just keep writing!


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