Thursday, June 23, 2011

Fandom finds a new home at Pottermore

"I wanted ..more than [eBooks]. I wanted to pull it back to reading, the literary experience, the story experience."
-JK Rowling

The mystery of Pottermore was revealed this morning with a video from JK Rowling herself. The best article that I have read about the upcoming digital experience of the series comes from Wired UK.

I could go on about all the different features that we are to expect, but there are plenty of websites that have done that already that I will list below. I will just talk about some of the things that I am most excited to see.

The release of e-books and new content in the books A few years ago JK Rowling spoke about releasing a Harry Potter encyclopedia. Right now it looks like we will be getting more information on the website and not in paper form. However, it sounds like we will also be getting more stories! I am hoping someday something will be released in paper form, but this is a good way to get people to visit the website. The highlight of all of this is that she is writing it herself. That, to me, is very special. She isn't charging for the content and is doing this for the fans when she really doesn't need to do anything. Another reason why she is one of my favorite authors. She really does care her fans and it shows her love of her work.

I really do admire that JK Rowling has her hand on her books and how they are treated. She has already transformed the book industry (especially for children and teens) and she is now undertaking it to the step further. She is helping test the waters more for digital books and how we interact with them. I don't know if anyone else could really accomplish this since her content is perfect for something of this degree. I'm curious what this will do to help the e-book industry and if it will carry over to the smart phone market with an app.

Fandom The website will lead fans to not just feel closer to the stories and author, but with each other. There are other organizations like The Harry Potter Alliance that does the amazing work of helping people in need. Pottermore is the next step for fans to come together and to carry on the stories further. I've heard concerns over the loss of fandom after the release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II. Pottermore provides the community a new way to come together. I am a huge Star Wars fan and I have attended Star Wars Celebrations II-IV where I have met fans from all over. There is a special bond in fandom and I think Harry Potter could carry on like Star Wars in the generations to come. This website is a great step in the direction to accomplish this.

Today my husband and I are buying our tickets to go to the midnight showing of Part II with a group of friends. I am looking forward to sitting in the theater with fans and I am sure we will discuss this new chapter of fandom.

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