Wednesday, April 20, 2011

That Time of Year Again: Fargo CoreCon

For the last three years I have been the Panel Coordinator for this nifty little convention in Fargo-Moorhead called CoreCon. Each year the group of us who run the convention say to each other, "I can't believe it is here." Now, on the other side, I can't believe that it has already come and gone again. The most gratifying thing that we hear from our attendees is that they want to do this every month (um, I wish!), that they already have their costume together for next year, that we made their first convention amazing, or renewed their interest in con. There are no words to describe what it is like to hear those words from our attendees.

There are so many things that I can gush on about. The panels that I scheduled this year went on without a hitch, which is something to say with the use of microphones, projectors, and computers. The panel that my writer's group, Stone Circle, went well even with the mix of conversation that weaved into our outline. I wasn't nervous at all, which was something. It just showed how confident and comfortable that I felt throughout the whole event. We even had the local band BingeBot rock out Friday night.

The Harry Potter Party that my husband and I
planned with our local Harry Potter Alliance (Accio Love) was a hit. We had a lot of families that came in to make owls and wands, play trivia, and drink butterbeer. The Slytherins won the House Cup and were in character the whole time.

The vendor room was a lot of fun this year with items such as funky glasses, beads, comic books, and fantastic art. Our guests were in there, as well, and we had a nice time visiting with YouTuber Toby Iverson, author Rhiannon Paille, and artist Karen Sweetland.

One of the highlights of Midwest conventions, and some smaller

Canadian conventions, is hospitality suites (aka party rooms). They are themed rooms that serve some type of drink and snack. We had ten amazing party rooms with a variety of themes, such as medieval, fairy, karaoke, Harry Potter, deejay disco, steampunk, gaming, and more. I loved the creativity that was put into each and enjoyed talking with their hosts.

There are two different types of gaming that we have and that includes electronic and tabletop. The tabletop gaming room was decked out with castle walls and had gaming vendors. The electronic gaming had all types of games and tournaments from Tetris to Rock Band. The Rock Band tournament goes on after the big costumes contests. It was going to be its last year, but my husband changed his mind.

Here is the video that shows why the Rock Band tournament won't be dead at CoreCon next year. It is the closing number by The White Spaces, the exhibition band, that includes my husband Joey on guitar in his Clark/Superman costume.

For 2012 we are going to have our theme as the Apocalypse. We are having a contest to see who can make the best apocalypse short movie. CoreCon came up with an example movie that was written, directed, and acted by some of the members of the Inner Core. My husband directed and did the camera work with just his HTC Evo phone.

As you can see, this is why I love going to conventions. You meet new people and hang out with old friends. The events and hard work that people put into the convention is truly epic. I am very proud to be apart of this convention and "work" with the people that I do to put it on. I couldn't ask for more hard working, lovable, or passionate people. I must say, we do put on one heck of a party.


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