Friday, March 11, 2011

Hearts out to Japan

This week my husband Joey and I bought our tickets for Japan and for the Ghibli Museum. We have gone on many trips together, but this one really had given me a piece of anxiety that I couldn't explain. Pushing that aside, I went on to further my research of hotels and daydreaming about what I should to research while we were there.

This morning, I woke up, showered, and went on the computer for a few minutes before heading down to breakfast. On the top of my Facebook feed was author Michelle Zink expressing her concern for Japan. My heart quickened, and I found a few more. I went to find some news online and found out about the earthquake and tsunami. My heart went to the people and a lot of questions started to rush into my head about our trip, which we are going on in mid-May. Two months away, but what does that mean?

We are doing the waiting game. It isn't likely that another earthquake of that caliber will happen again. It is the damage and repercussions that might change our plans. They are advising right now that people shouldn't travel there for the next few weeks. As I kept thinking these thoughts of our travel, I felt selfish that all I can think about is this trip. However, it also shows how much I want to visit this country and to experience it in person.

If you can, go to this link to find out how you can help. Any little bit is something to help people in need.

My heart goes out to the people of Japan and in other affected areas. Many of us are thinking of you!



  1. I thought of you and your upcoming trip to Japan. The region that was hit the hardest is the one I've always wanted to visit too...

    I've been praying for the country almost non-stop since I heard about it. But the Japanese are strong and resilient people and they will pull through this--we just have to keep thinking of them and how to help.

  2. I agree, the people of Japan will prevail even with this hardship. I donated some money to two different organizations and am wishing there was more to do to help. Keeping them in our thoughts is something.


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