Sunday, March 20, 2011

Movie Review: "Paul"

Around 2004 is when the love of zombie movies deepened for me. I had already enjoyed "Night of the Living Dead" as a kid, sitting up with my father late one night when there wasn't anything else on. 2004 is also the year that "Shaun of the Dead" came out. We have been following the career of Simon Pegg (as well as Edgar Wright and Nick Frost) ever since.

There is just something about their humor and wit that captures moments that seem similar to those of my every day life. It is hard not to bond with these characters and their geektastic antics, especially in the show Spaced (if you haven't seen Spaced and you call yourself a geek, get out there and watch it).

Their latest project ("Paul") is written by Pegg and Frost and is clearly an alien road trip. It begins at Comic Con (filmed in 2009, which I attended) where they are feel like they belong among the geekdom and they meet their comic idol. They move onto a roadtrip to all the alien hotspots in the United States, however, they come across a few issues as they begin their travels. One of them is finding the title character, an alien named Paul, who is trying to return home. He needs their help to reach the spot where his people can pick him up, however, he has people chasing after him so they can steal his brain.

I admit, I am not a fan of Seth Rogen's work except in the short-lived show Freaks and Geeks. Now I can add Paul to the list of things I can enjoy him in (even though it is just his voice and not actually him in the movie). Pegg and Frost are as charming as ever, and the rest of the casting was done just right with Jason Bateman, Sigourney Weaver, and Kristin Wiig. Each character has a bit of humor, and it all worked for me.

My recommendation is skipping the online trailer since it holds a lot of the key parts in the movie and just attend the movie for a fun time, especially if you are a fan of their previous movies. It is a fun ride, the characters are loveable, the actors are great, and the alien is believable. What else do I need to tell you? "Paul" is fun!


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