Friday, February 4, 2011

Writing as an Exercise

Before I say anything else, go to this Lauren Oliver's blog to check out something that I wrote for one of her writing challenges. It is the last one posted out of the entries and I love, love, love the second comment. I am wondering the same thing of where this all could go, but most of all, should I keep writing this? We shall see.

If you haven't read my piece (My writing is on an awesome author's blog) then this post is not for you. Seriously, go read it. And the other pieces. Trust me, they won't disappoint.

Now that everything is settled I can move on. I have been reading a bit more YA futuristic dystopian writing than I have ever before and I am really, really enjoying it a lot. There is a lot of suspense of waiting to see what happens next. It is our world disassembled and all we know is gone except to keep what we have left of our humanity.

These books have taken me a bit out of my comfort area of what I want to write. It is great and scary at the same time. My little less than 250 words piece has me realizing that maybe I have it in me to go in that direction someday. It is amazing what you can discover about yourself. Who knows what other writing challenges I will do in the future!

Right now, I am trying to emerge myself in Japanese folklore while finishing Kin this month. It is really helping me get my mind set back in place. I will sneak in Lauren Oliver's book Delirium that came out February 1st sometime in there over the next week. I can't resist!

Thanks for reading what I wrote and I encourage other writers to take some challenges. You never know where they can lead you--- and your writing!



  1. Hey,

    I liked your entry a lot too. I hope you continue with the book actually. Good luck!


  2. Thanks! It is a possibility since it keeps coming up in my mind. This was just the image that popped into my head after reading all those dystopian books. Not so sure where to go from there.

  3. I went over there and read it and WOW--I want to know what happens next!! I've never tried writing dystopian before but maybe someday? Right now I'm trying to get myself to write a short horror piece and it's definitely out of my comfort zone, LOL.

    Also, if you're wondering how I found your blog it was through Natalie Whipple and the crit partner classifieds. I also sent you an email too :)

  4. So awesome :) Keep up the wonderful work!

    Sarah Allen
    (my creative writing blog)

  5. @Dara and Sarah-- thanks for the wonderful comments. Those first 250 words were really easy to envision in my mind and I also wonder where it can go. Maybe we will find out someday...


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