Wednesday, February 23, 2011

SEO, Borders, and Publishing

I have been bookmarking a lot of informative and thoughtful links lately that I will share at the bottom of this post. Most relate to each other, and a few don't.

The ones that relate to each other are about Borders going bankrupt this week. On Twitter, there has been discussions, lots of links, and speculation at what this means for the future of (print) publishing. Borders is re-organizing stores, but will people trust going there? (Probably.) Will publishers sell their books there, and where will authors go to publicize? (Possibily.)

I have noticed people pointing out independent bookstores in their area, most of which are listed at IndieBound. I went there to see what is listed in my area and I was surprised to see places listed in smaller communities around Fargo. Zandbroz Variety wasn't listed so I e-mailed them suggesting that they should consider it because I want them to stick around in Fargo (and Sioux Falls, SD).

There is a lot of talk about bookstores and the publishing industry out there. There is one certainty that I am seeing: times are a-changing.

As an aspiring author, it is a bit intimidating enough to get your work out there, and now with the rise of e-readers and e-publishing, and how people buy books, this is just the beginning. I am dedicating myself to keep going forward with it and to do my best to support the book community.

As a reader, I bought 25 books last year, and I will probably buy the same amount this year to support authors. This year, I will again go out and buy them at different places to spread it out a bit, visit the library, and support e-reading (love my nook).

And why go through all this trouble? Because I love books, stories, and words. That's why.


6 Ways to Make Your Blog SEO-Friendly by (the awesome) Alexis Grant

Where Were You When Borders Went Bankrupt? by Melanie Benjamin (Huffington Post)

10 Ways To Make Editors Fall in Love With Your Work by Michelle V. Rafter (Word Count)

What Would You Pay for an E-Book? by David Carnoy (CNet)

Happy reading!

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