Tuesday, February 15, 2011

(2)9 and Holding

"We make a circle linking the child we once were, all those decades ago, with the child who will read our stories. It never ceases to amaze me that we are able to do that. Most adult novels, except for really major works, have a relatively short life; they go out of print as they go out of fashion. But a good children’s book can go on for decades and decades; that circle of connection keeps sparking and resparking like an electric circuit, linking the reading child’s imagination with the book written before he or she was born. Linking the child of today with the child that we, the writers, used to be."

When I was a child, I remember one of the first grade teachers at my school saying that she was "29 and holding" when she was asked her age. It was something that I would hear over and over during the years (mostly, from other school teachers. Is this because they are asked by their students so much?). I never really stopped to wonder why they picked 29 as their holding place for age.

Today, I turn 29. I look back over my twenties because I am nearing the end of the decade and I hear people my age wishing each other "a last great year in your twenties" like it is the beginning of the end. Is there something about being in your thirties and beyond that I don't know about?

I am enjoying my twenties. So many wonderful things have happened and I wouldn't replace the good or the bad. There is a better sense of security and happiness that I am becoming more content with over time. I am learning more about myself, and instead of feeling rushed, I have learned to enjoy the moment that I live a bit more. There has been a sense of urgency in my life to get things accomplished, but why do we have to accomplish everything in the early part of our life? What will there be to look forward to?

I am not going to tell people that I am "29 and holding" now or ever. I am going to stick by my age and still act like a child at heart.

Now that I reflect, would be better if I tell people I am "9 and holding"?


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  1. Good for you! It's always good to have that connection to your inner child. My father, who is 52, still embraces his--A LOT. So you're never too old to forget that child within :)


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