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Kaylee Costume

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Updated 8/10/15

I made my very first costume for Core Con, the sci fi and fantasy convention that I help run. I do have two other costumes, a Jedi and Corellian (think Han Solo) from Star Wars. However, my good friend Sue Dawe was the brains and heart behind them. I love them, but after ten years, it is time that I do something different.

I am not the best with sewing machines, but I am not too bad with hand stitching. I figured, also, that maybe going "back to the basics" would be a good thing. I am in love with so many shows these days (Buffy, Dollhouse, Stargate, Doctor Who, Smallville), but my mind instantly went to Firefly. I would have loved to have done Zoe and Wash with my husband (we could be Joey and Tash!), but my mind went instantly to Kaylee. I actually have the same coloring as he…

A Word

"She was so intent on the tree that her feet splashed into the edge of the pool before she realized it was there. Bright ripples, reflecting in theersatz*moonlight, spread for an instant, then once again the water was still and dark."
-Lirael, Garth Nix

This paragraph held my attention so much in this book I am reading. So much that I know exactly where it sits on the page when searching for it. I don't know why it calls to me, and it helped set the mood so well in this scene.
I hope to use this word someday, but I know it won't work as well. Still, I will take the risk.
Function: adjective
Etymology: German ersatz-, from Ersatz, noun, substitute
Date: 1875
: being a usually artificial and inferior substitute or imitation

Fargo Core Con

Core Con When: April 16th-18th 2010 Where: AmericInn in Moorhead, MN What: Vendors, panels, gaming, party rooms, guests, live band... and more! More details:

Like the poster? These are some of the members of the Inner Core. My husband is front and center. I am in the back with my hair hiding my face and wearing coveralls. I love it!
Core Con is almost here! I have been working like mad woman on my Kaylee costume (which I will have a long post about in the next week or so) and getting some last minute things done for my jobs as Panel Coordinator and Swagmaster. This week I will also have to get our house cleaned up and the spare room cleaned out for our houseguest, and Artist Guest of Honor at the con, Sue Dawe. After jotting down the list of "to-dos" today, I am not very worried. I am just ready to finally have this con!
The atmosphere at our meeting yesterday was very upbeat and there wasn't much of a rush to do last minute things. In a lot of ways…

Let It Spin

My days have certainly changed this past week. I have been reading on my breaks while walking in the skywalk. I edit while I eat. I am doing research slowly, setting it aside until I am done editing. I am doing a little bit every day, and it feels good.

I am a bit more lonely with the hubby starting his new job in a different building. We are both working different hours for the time being and I can now work longer and then work only a half day on Friday as the result. What will I do with that time? I am dreaming of going to a coffee shop or to the park to edit, having my hair trimmed, or going to the dentist. Could I manage it all in five hours? Probably. Maybe. We will see.

We went to see Percy Jackson and the Olympians The Lightning Thief and that brush with Greek myth reminded me about how much I enjoy mythology. I went out and bought the nice hardcover box set of the Percy Jackson books (now "sold out" and the ones available $30 more than…