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Mixing Paint

Lately, I feel like I am mixing paint, trying to figure out what kind of shade of color I want to become, for people to see, or I will see in the mirror.

My favorite color is blue. Blue of the night sky, blue of the day sky. Blue of the waters, blue of the eyes of strangers. I don't think blue means sad to me, but it brings a sense of calm. Of freedom, like the air of the sky, droplets of water on the skin. And someday, I want that to reflect in my eyes.
I was listening to a podcast and I heard a story that caused an idea to form in my head. It started as something simple, something I could even relate to, and it started to take form. I thought to myself, what can I make different? The story would be set in modern times, another part of our own world. Something I have dared once, but it still ended up in Faery for 90% of the book (a book I have since abandoned). I didn't want vampires, or werewolves, or faeries to be the main basis of…

A Seeker

"Do not seek to follow the footsteps of the wise. Seek what they sought." -Matsuo Bashō

When people ask writers for advice, they give the same answers over and over, in various forms. Still, it all comes down to one thing: Just write! Those are wise words that fit the quote above perfectly.

I don't feel like myself when I don't write, and because of my lack of writing over various months, a bit of myself is incomplete. I need to write! I can't use the full time job or anything else as my excuse any longer. It is time to take some sort of action by getting back into better habits (including exercise).

Over the years, I have noticed that there are things that help me write:
Eating first. If I am hungry, there is nothing on my mind more than when I will get to eat. Starving myself gets me nowhere. Having something to drink by my side can help so I don't have an excuse to get up. It also makes me feel smart sitting there holding a cup, contemplating something. Whe…

Proper Introductions are in order....

Last month was a real hard after the loss of our beloved cat, Cherrie. Our house was empty and we knew that we couldn't wait long to add more love to our home. We also knew that Cherrie would want us to take care of some kitties the way we took care of her over the years. So, we decided on getting two kittens. Joey wanted two girls, or at least one girl, and I didn't disagree. So, one night, we went to the FM Humane Society after I did some looking online for local places that had kittens.

While searching, I fell in love with a little calico named Ducky and I knew I wanted to take her home. She had three sisters, all named after The Land Before Time characters. Once we looked at them, we realized she was the quiet one and the others were quite hyper. We weren't sure what other one to take.
We looked at plenty of other girl kittens, and I was getting overwhelmed after about an hour. A few that we liked were waiting for approval for their homes. Others were black, and Joey cou…

More than Words

Sometimes I feel like there is more than words that come out when I write. There are moments, emotions, worlds, actions... so much that I sometimes I just don't have any real control over them. They just happen. (The editing process is different, but that's another story).
I have been completely awful with my writing goals. We went on vacation, and when we returned, we were house hunting, then moving, trying to get our life back in order, and then the holidays came with pain and trying to find our legs again.
Writing really is a type of therapy to me, and sometimes I resist it. I need to learn now, in 2010, to not do that! I finally wrote another 1100 words, and reached over 80,000 words, in the current novel I am working in. I started it a year ago and I am ready to finish it. I want to start editing. I am so proud of the ideas of this book that I hope that I can share it someday.
What a great feeling, something that takes more than words at this moment to describe.

Things I Learned...about being vegetarian

It has been just over a year since my husband and I decided to become vegetarian. In that time, I have learned a lot about food, habits, menus, and ingredients. I have changed the way I look at food completely and I am enjoying every moment of it. I feel like I am a stronger cook, one that explores more options. Here are some of the moments and revelations that I have discovered this past year.

1) I didn't really know Jello's ingredients until about a year or two ago. Once I found out, well, that really made my eyebrows rise. How did I not know? The worse thing about it is my mother used to make a dessert for me that she called "Natasha's Jello". She used sweetened condensed milk with red jello to make different shades of red and pink, which worked perfectly with my day after Valentine's birthday. How sad.

2) Not only is Jello off limits, but I never realized how many things had gelatin in it! Chip dip, sour cream from Taco Bell... Why, oh, why? The only good …