Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Final Week of Nanowrimo

Novel Rewrite Count: 22,000 Words

I didn't complete what I thought I could this month, but I am halfway through my novel. I am not going to be too hard on myself right now. A death happened in my extended family and my father went into a triple bypass surgery--- just as I arrived at the hardest chapters to write in the book. Everything is fine as they can be at the moment and I am approaching the time to sit down and plug out those words better than I probably could do before.

Goals have changed, but there are still goals to be had. The cycle of examining the past year and what I have done has arrived. It isn't always a good or bad thing, it is just a way for me to determine where to go and how to become what I want to be.

We had a great discussion in Stone Circle, my critique group, about our goals on where to go with our writing. We each have our own and distinct wants, and mine have changed from the knowledge that I keep learning with each passing year.

I remember the moment that I wanted to become a writer. I was in the third grade in my classroom and our teacher had arranged books along the chalkboard. We each took turns going up to grab a book (I was going for anything from the Baby-sitter's Club spin-off, Baby-sitters Little Sister) and I knew that anything that could give me this much happiness was something I wanted to be. Books were (and still are) my favorite thing and being a part of it became my goal. I carried a book, and eventually a notebook of writing, with me to every class I took after that.

The vision of becoming a writer changed a bit as I learned more about it. There is the publishing aspect, the rejection, the critiques, and the importance of rewriting. The first step that I give myself is just to write and not to think of those things. Right now it is easy--- I'm not published. It is a dream, a goal, something that I reach my hand out to and cannot touch quite yet. There is still growing going on and the ambition hasn't changed as those new responsibilities popped up in the picture. They are challenges that I am ready to meet, however, it is taking time to focus myself.

December is a new month. I am going to a cafe tonight to continue my book and to face what needs to be written. Here's to a new challenge!


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