Monday, November 8, 2010

NaNoWriMo: Week 1 Update

Novel Rewrite Count: 22,000 Words

I am down 5,000 words from I should be to stay on track. I am not too worried about it since my goal is to just write and hopefully complete this rewrite. If I write at the pace I am currently at, I should hit 50,000 words for the total novel. I am shooting for about 70,000 words. In short, I will have to beef up my count this week. How will I do that? I made up time at work on Friday, but this Friday I should have my half day again so I can go to a cafe or the library. I am thinking doing that at least once a week with no distractions will help.

Starting this week and for the rest of the month, I am using my lunch hours at work to write. I usually average about 500-600 words in that half hour period. Right now that plan is to keep that schedule until Kin is completed.

Hope everyone is meeting their goals or just writing. That is the point, right?


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