Monday, November 15, 2010

Nanowrimo Update: Week 2

I am not one for outlines, and if I write one, I rarely follow it. I don't stop to edit and just keep pushing through the story, saying to myself that going forward is the goal.

This is a different kind of story. It is a rewrite of something already written. There is an outline and it is really good. Following it is in the best interest of a great story. It is open enough to insert ideas that like to appear when writing.

I have close to hitting 30,000 words in my novel, closing in on the halfway mark. This has caused a stand still. Do I go back to analyze the outline versus what I have written to adjust and add in different events? Do I just keep writing and adjust things as I edit?

That is the challenge that I will face tonight: to stop and write or to write, write, write. I do know that stopping is not an option.


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