Monday, November 29, 2010

Fairy Tale Ending

Disney announced that their newest release "Tangled", and 50th animated feature, is the last fairy tale that they will tell (for now). Reading through the LA Times article, their reasons didn't make much sense to me. How can a genre run its course (Snow White, after all, came out in the 1930s!), do 6 year olds really want to give up their crowns to be "hot", and where is the wider audience appeal?

Audiences might have changed, but I am seeing all types of people enjoying "Tangled". The image featured is from my favorite scene in the whole movie that I hear really cause people to tear up. Disney really grasped onto some interesting fantasy elements and kept some of their old tricks. The two main voice actors, Mandy Moore and Zachery Levi, did an amazing job with their characters. The tavern scene felt like it was right out of the theme park with the song and just how the scene is set up with everyone doing their own thing and a cupid-man going around in circles.

I am really hoping that Disney will change their mind somewhere down the road (and it won't be too late). I would love to take my little girl or boy someday to a new fairy tale movie. I want to see their take, even if it isn't like the original tale. In the meantime, I think original stories would be a wonderful asset to the company. Maybe they could even write a new fairy tale or adapt books like Studio Ghibli. I would like to see them continue with having hand drawn animation with some of the new styles. The thing is, it is all about the story. We need to keep them coming and the old will always influence the new.

Go out and see "Tangled". Pull out some of the old "classics" while sitting at home. I already have some Disney music on my phone to get pumped up to our upcoming trip to Orlando where we will celebrate our five year anniversary. There is no better place to celebrate than an exciting place with stories--- and where you can make more.


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