Monday, September 20, 2010

Into the Groove

There is a time when writing just flows. The story just comes out and it all makes sense.

I am in the middle of a rewrite and it feels really amazing. Even when I think my writing is terrible, I have the confidence that the story is better than ever. Or, at least I hope that I am this lucky. I remind myself I can always go back and to just keep moving.

I ended up becoming stumped after finishing the synopsis and first chapter for the upcoming writing conference last week. I am doing my best to sit at the computer no matter what for a certain amount of time. If I write, great. If I don't, I will be back again another time. I also try to sneak in a few words during the day as my brain wills it. It is great to have direction again even if I find myself lost from time to time.

Speaking of lost, check out this article from the Huffington Post and Andrea Cremer's blog about the ridiculous claims that Laurie Halse Anderson's book "Speak" is considered soft core porn. It will get you into the spirit of the upcoming Banned Books Week, I promise!


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