Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Deadline and the Synopsis

I have decided that deadlines are a good thing for me. In all the years I was in school, I think I missed less than three deadlines. I sometimes procrastinated until the very end, but I had it in on time.

The reason why I am late this week is for that very reason. Today was a deadline day to hand in the first chapter and synopsis of KIN for a manuscript critique at an upcoming conference. I have stayed up late for days and worked for hours to get this completed on time. I e-mailed my submission a few hours ago and it is an amazing feeling. Tonight I plan on exercising and sleeping, and then onto the rest of the KIN rewrite.

I really enjoyed writing the synopsis. I wrote a long outline and then shortened it two times until it was less than four pages long and almost 1400 words. As with the rewrite, it is hard to make those cuts to what you might see as important. You must reveal the plot and even the ending. If you can write effectively enough, someone will see the potential of the story in those few pages. It is scary and exciting at the same time.

One of the biggest struggles with this submission was trying to find information on the elusive synopsis. Why do I call it elusive? There is no real standards to the formatting to synopses. There are short and long versions. They are not the same as outlines. Yes, none of this makes any sense. It will be interesting to find out more at the conference. For now, I wanted to share the links that I have bookmarked.

Guide to Literary Agents- How to Write a Novel Synopsis
Carolyn Jewel- The Dreaded Synopsis
Fiction Factor- Mastering the Dreaded Synopsis- Condensing Your Novel
Del Rey Digital Writing Workshop- How to Write a Synopsis FAQ

After reading through this information, I know have realized I will never complain about a query letter ever again.


P.S. Much thanks to my helpers during the editing/rewrite phase: Joey, Paul, Kris, and Violet.

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