Sunday, June 13, 2010


My husband just bought the new Android phone, the Evo. He then passed on his HTC Hero to me, and after a week, I am totally in love with it. There is just so much that I have been missing out on! I have been using my little Sansa MP3 player to listen to MPR and podcasts, but now I can that on my phone and more. So, I thought I would write about the things I discovered I could do on my phone, which means, a list of apps and some I will give an explanation on how I used them.
  • AppBrain Market Sync- Visit to sign up where you can help use this to find different apps instead of Market and share with friends.
  • aCar- Store up to date information regarding your car
  • Audible- Beta for listening to audio books
  • Barcode Scanner- Scan a product to see how much it costs from locally to Amazon
  • Calender (Google)- Use to keep track of my schedule
  • Dropbox- Organization tool. Watch the video here:
  • Evernote- Trying out writing notes to myself. I used it so far to make a note of a tile I want for our kitchen that we used when we went to the store.
  • Facebook
  • Fring- Video chat with your friends
  • Google Sky Map- Point to the sky and see what constellations you are looking at.
  • Listen- Use to listen to my podcasts that I subscribe to through Google Reader
  • Check out your bank account directly from your phone
  • Music- Listen to the music stored on your phone
  • NPR News
  • Pandora- Internet radio
  • Skyfire- Use as an alternate to the Internet and it detects videos on websites that you can play easily. This is how I watch/listen to The Daily Show and The Colbert Report.
  • TasKiller- Helps with the battery and keep unnecessary programs open
  • Twitter
  • Wikidroid- Wikipedia
  • You Tube
Are there any apps that you love? Right now, my favorite window that I created on my Hero is
the entertainment where I can listen to things all day long without being bored at work (data entry). I cannot believe how fast last week went after having this new phone.

The only drawback, of course, is battery life. My husband bought a USB charging kit at for our phones since we sit at the computer all day. It has been a great help. Also, if you do have an Evo, you should check out this article on a setting that could be affecting your Evo's battery life.

This week I am going to check out Android Gals (and maybe even Android Guys) website. Who knows what else I could discover!

Android is absolutely amazing and you can find it on various phones by different carriers and they are coming out fast. Android is one of the reasons that I bought my nook and am completely happy with the system.


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