Monday, May 17, 2010

nook update 1.3

I did a review on my nook a few months ago. I received mine on the second day that they were shipped in mid-December. From the beginning, I fell in love with it and knew that there would be some things that Barnes and Noble would have to work on. For example, I couldn't register where I live and didn't realize it until a friend bought one and I found out he could! With the knowledge of updates, I expected that the little bugs would go away.

The newest update, 1.3, was released recently. It added a few buttons such as easy access to turning Wi-Fi on and off (that can kill the battery time), games (chess and sudoku), audio (books and music) and a web (beta). It also has faster page turning and I can even notice more speed in switching between menus. I downloaded a free book this morning and the speed of the whole process (turning on the wifi, going to the store, etc) went nice and smooth.

I loved the nook before, but can you imagine how I feel now? Especially since I am going to Orlando starting next week? I am really looking forward to having my nook with me, that's for sure!



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